Monday, September 29, 2008

Token of love

He had left it in his wardrobe years back.The shine on the plastic wrapper had not faded.It stood out among the ruins of his cupboard.It lay there untouched,like a treasure chest,of bitter yet sweet memories.He neither knew what he had to do with it,nor was he willing to do away with it.

A strong critique,he was, of any kind of relationship with girls,thanks to the orthodox environment he was brought up in.Little did he realise,things were going to turn topsy turvy in a few years.

Things were going his way,when he secured admission to one of the premier institutions in town.He had heard innumerable stories on how people spoil their lives after joining colleges.The fear of the unknown haunted him, but he nourished high hopes of making it big in college.Classes commenced,and amidst all the nerve raking environment of those first few days in college, he was getting used to 'monotonicity' of college life.He found it hilarious to see guys scouting after girls and flirting.As time went by,he was getting used to it.He no longer found it hilarious,but had accepted it as part of college life.The thought of getting closer to any girl never crossed his mind.He despised it.

A few years back, while in school he had met a girl, on whom he had a secret crush. He was neither bold enough to talk to her, nor the thought about the society around him helped his cause. The crush was eventually crushed amidst the tensions of the public exams and entrance examinations. He had a dream and wanted no roadblocks while in pursuit of the dream. After securing admission to the college of his choice, he realised that the crush had lived the testimony of time. The girl was still living in his dreams. He had little or no plans on what needs to be done. It was a totally new avenue for him. Two years into college, he revealed his well kept secret to his close friend, and he expressed his disgust at not being able to do something about it. A few minutes of pep talk from his friend was all it took.He had decided to propose her. His decision defied his own logic, but was elated that he had finally decided to make a move in the right direction(hopefully).

The thought of proposing a girl gave him butterflies in his stomach. He had never talked to any girl personally, but little did he know from where he got the courage from. His friend managed to fix an 'appointment' with the girl using his contacts. The protoganist made some mental calculations, and he knew the most probable answer would be a 'NO'. The much anticipated day arrived. He and his friend arrived at the venue much before time. There was a huge twist awaiting him. He got a call from home asking him to come home for some very urgent work. He had no other go, had to leave almost immediately, entrusting the job of proposing, on his behalf, to his friend. After finishing off his work he called up his friend, who delievered the bad news to him...She had told a 'Big NO'. Not at all surprised, he consoled himself and decided not to nourish the thought anymore. A few weeks went by, he met her in 'Orkut' added her as a friend , and eventually started chatting with her. The chatting sessions evolved from orkut scraps to IM's in yahoo messenger. A friendship was blossoming. She was the same he had expected her to be. She wanted to know why he loved her so much, and loved talking to him. He was on cloud nine, felt as if his dreams were seeing the light of the day. The relationship was going stronger with each passing day. Months went by, they had progressed from IM's to late night SMS's to phone calls to occasional meetings. She was the most precious thing in his life, and he felt she too loved him a lot. Her sentences, and messages coerced him to believe so, though she never gave it away bluntly. He hadn't proposed her officially, but she knew his attitude towards her.Everything went smoothly over the next few months.

Somewhere along their conversation,he had mentioned about proposing her officially, and he realised she wanted some gift from his side.He had never got a gift for anybody all his life, and to a girlfriend, he never knew what to buy.Days of thought and surfing helped him in finding the perfect gift (within his minimal budget). He got the perfect gift for her. He called her up and asked her to decide on a time and place to meet. She sounded indifferent, he sensed something was wrong. She kept postponing the meeting, and he started realising that something was seriously wrong. The number of SMS's was coming down, she was avoiding him. Not knowing what was going around, he decided to ask her. After much compulsion she revealed the issue. It was an 'enlightenment', she realised she was doing the wrong thing by getting close to him, and hence she wanted him out of her life. Her words couldn't convince him logically. He was shell shocked, and she was forbidding him from staying in contact with her and he was blamed for using his 'words' to lure her. A mixed bag of emotions,depression, anger, confusion,never before he was in such a state. His mind was in a whirlpool. His emotional brain had taken charge of him. He begged, pleaded her, to stay in touch. After days of compulsion she agreed to a daily limit of three days, but he was missing her so much. Days of stress made him more emotionally stronger. He told his parents, what had happened. Their words of wisdom too added to the cause.He was growing strong emotionally. As days passed by, he took a firm resolve not to contact her anymore, and decided to end what he had started years back.
He realised what true love is.....The never ending support from parents, even when they know that their children have committed a mistake. There is no other relationship in this world that can surmount it.

The site of the gift no longer hurt him, but everytime it reminded him of the importance of loving his parents. A barrage of thoughts and a smile of glee ensued. Things have fallen apart; the chain of events during that BLIND period in his life triggered a smile. He had realized the triviality of his actions. Suddenly, the door bell rang; he closed the wardrobe, bringing an abrupt end to his thoughts. He moved out of the room. He was still smiling………………..

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Calamity implies Political Mileage

The attempt to gain political mileage out of a national calamity is disdainful.It makes no sense what so ever when the opposition is gunning for the neck of the Home minister,while on the other hand,the HRD minister supports the cause of the Jamia University,to defend its students accused as terrorists.On one side the Govt says they ll come up with tough terror laws,and hence the statement on the part of Mr.Arjun Singh needs to be viewed with suspicion.

A blast occurs, Govt, and political parties condemn it saying 'cowardly act' and so on.It sounds like 'words are all they(I) have to take ur heart away'. Will the people of the country feel comfortable when top leaders condemn terrorism.We all condemn it and is a known fact.Once they finish condemning the blasts,the political games begin.It was quite funny,when a senior member from the BJP made a statement saying the 'blasts were part of a conspiracy to divert attention from cash for votes scam'(i believe it was with reference to Ahemedabad blasts).The party distanced itself from 'her' view point,and it clearly indicated how far politicians would go.Maybe the politicians should stop mud slinging and instead sit together to work out a strategy to root out this evil.

Terrorism, is the menace of the modern world.A cowardly act,against humanity.Innocent lives are lost,many injured.The time is ripe for a 'community policing',like initiative.Finding terrorists from among a hundred thousand people is more like searching for a needle in a hay stack.People have to be alert,and any suspicious activity needs to be reported.It is not only the responsibilty of the police,but we too have a role in it.

Having paid careful attention to the nuances of Indian politics for over a decade,I can say politicians have become more ruthless,in their accusations.There seems to be a leadership crisis in our country.Senior leaders from the congress party suggesting Rahul Gandhi,as Prime ministerial candidate is a clear indication to that front.BJP is facing the worst crisis,having to field a pro-hindutva leader in Advani as PM candidate (no wonder the party has decided to maintain its hindutva agenda).The third front,as the media puts it,had to resort to choosing 'Bahanji' as their leader,in an effort to woo dalit votes (though the left is still beating around the 'bush').The left parties have resolved to an Anti-America campaign.The economic crisis in America should be an example for the Central Govt,says the left.They seem to have grown over the failure of communism in various parts of the world.

The attack on Christians in Kandhamal in Orissa, indicates the growing religious extremism among Hindu's.Action against the Bajrang Dal activists were initiated after the centre evoked article 355 on Karnataka,and Orissa (coincidentally BJP ruled states).The top brass of the BJP,criticized the central govt, for the interference in the affairs of the state.The major concern in this case is the state backed violence,be it the Bajrang Dal,VHP, and of course 'left' organisations in WB,and Kerala

I had started on a simple topic,but seems to have overdone it.All i wish to say is,extremism in whatever forms is the root cause.Hindutva, Jihad,etc fall on the same wavelength.It is high time the younger generation start to think over religious barriers and perhaps work on a peaceful world to live on.We can't change the politicians,but we can indeed make sure that we are not puppets in their hands..
Feels gr8 to have written an unbiased article,on politics..

Monday, August 4, 2008

Finally i answer the big question...!!!!

The debate over the motion of trust moved by the honorable Prime Minister,say some fiery debates and sharp exchanges.Democracy was for sale,and angels were born.Elected representatives with 'doubtful' credentials coming to the floor of the house with bundles of cash.No wonder CNN-IBN restrained from airing the 'cash for votes' tapes.My allegiance to a particular political party is well know among my friends.
The debate in parliament was on 'Nuclear Deal',and it was quite disdainful to see none except Rahul Gandhi speaking on the nuclear deal.Nuclear Deal had taken a back seat,and the opposition was using the chance to severly criticise the Government which had done a commendable job on the economic front.I dont intend to make a pro-govt lecture here.
Coming back to the debate,Heated exchanges and disruptions were ruling the roost in parliament until our Honourable Railway Minister,Lalooji,spoke.There were smiles in the air,despite him making scathing attack on the opposition.His sense of humour seemed to ease the parliamentarians,and one of his sentences still rings in my ears.,"even i wish to be PM"(cited while scoffing Mayawati,Mr.LK Advani).
Having being born and brought up in a family of hardcore Congress supporters,i always allegiance to the congress party.The inspirational leadership,and will power of Smt.Indira Gandhi always motivated me.My father used to talk about his meeting with Sanjay Gandhi,the historic speech in parliament made by CM Stephen while Indira Gandhi was jailed,and my mother had told about posing for a photograph with none other than Indira Gandhi(the copy of which, is in the possession of her friend).I had idolized them since my childhood days,and hence i still remain a loyal supporter of the party.
I had contested for college union elections twice and i keep my head held high when i say,i was defeated on both the occasions.I did what i was asked to do,from the party leadership.I had contested as the face saving candidate for my party and in that sense,i did my bit for my party.I have no remorse or repentence.I can't be a full time political activist,owing to multitude of reasons.I never contested for grabbing office.My speech as part of 'meet the candidate' was perhaps one of the greatest lows in my life.I was overawed by the support for the opposition,and it was heart breaking to see many of my friends booing me,and trying to put me off.Indeed my oratory skills on that day was way below par,and i still remember standing in front of a bullying crowd like an idiot.Despite that hiccup, and minimal campaigning ,I was delighted to see the number of votes i had received. Thanks to my dear voters,who voted on a losing cause.I had faced numerous scathing remarks from my friends for contesting a losing cause.I was threatened to withdraw from the election by the opposition camp,who threatened and then even offered me their party ticket in the next elections,"Ticket for withdrawal scam"....:D..If college union elections can see such forms of 'rigging',what could be the situation at the corridors of power.
Politics is a game and democracy in India is for sale,even at the grass root level.
This writeup is dedicated to my dear friends who keep asking me why i contested the elections....

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Quest for Glory

Having read numerous detective stories,and short stories,i had always longed to write a book.The question in hand is,short story or detective novel??..:D.After due consideration i thought of writing a crime thriller.So,how do i begin??..
The commercial success of similar novels,inspired me to create a character who solves the puzzles.Maybe i thought,i can write sequels and earn a fortune.I needed a name,something catchy like 'Hercule Poirot' or 'Sherlock Holmes'.I couldn't find any convincing name.The Ramu's, shyamu's,Ravi's etc were inhibiting my thought process.So i put on hold the name issue,and moved on.The next in line was a theme.Murder Mystery; unanimous choice.So one down,and many to go....
I needed a back drop for my story.Should i create something like a 'Malgudi',the indianness in me was becoming the true villian.I remained inconclusive.I had to create many characters and with them names.The journey was becoming more and more tricky.I had no solution to the issues that had cropped up and so i decided to put my quest on hold...Four years had gone by,and the tide hasn't turned ever since.A premature death to my quest for glory..

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Lost Love

Famous Five,Nancy Drew,Hardy Boys....these were the names that thrilled me while i was a kid.I used read over a hundred books a year,until i reached the tenth standard.No one ever tried restricting me until then.Maybe tenth std had its due importance 'then'.My parents enforced a tough restrictions on my reading habits.I was forced to spend more time on tuition's and text books.I really missed those thrilling adventure stories,and was gradually moving into the scientific world.The tenth std board exams went by,i did reasonably well and the results too were satisfactory from my point of view.
Things got worse in 11th and 12th std.It was those never ending days of tuition's,test papers,assignments and what not.Reading a book(i graduated to Agatha Cristie's,& Alistair Maclean's), an absolute luxury for me.I never had time for any,except on vacations.So i was slowly transforming from a voracious reader to a part time reader.
The story was no different,after i joined engineering college.There was a marked difference here.Time was at my disposal,but i believe i had lost the drive to read more.I was spending more time in front of the TV.I wondered whether i had lost my love for books.I was worried,and so was my parents.Things took a paradigm shift last year.I had made a trip to Delhi,and there i found some wonderful collection of books.Angels & Demons,by Dan Brown,The Harry Potter series got me started,and there was no looking back.Books were gradually becoming my companion.I had found my lost love......

Friday, June 27, 2008

U are a Slave

Before you start reading,I wish to tell you,I am not a radical.My thoughts, at times maybe radical,but I don't dream of changing the society......

'An idle mind is a devil's workshop'.I was expecting to churn out a topic from that 'workshop'.Much to my dismay, I found nothing worthwhile to blog on,until yesterday night.While 'channel surfing',I came across a verse from the Bhagavad Gita,which meant,Everyman is bounded by chains.I pondered on the intricacy of that verse.
"A dog is tied to a chain,while the dog ties us to our home,without a chain".Think about it for a while.I have heard many people saying,they can't leave their house owing to the fact that they can't leave their pet dog unattended.Maybe you too would have come across such situations.You may not like to skip your favourite TV show to attend some function,and many such circumstances.There are people who are slaves to money,alcohol etc.Knowingly or unknowingly we are slaves to something or somebody.We are slaves to societal laws.We tread a familiar path,and anyone going off beat is a pervert in our society.The only people who 'live free', are the ones who have lost their mind.They are not aware of the rising inflation,fuel costs,laws and norms in society etc.They are happy in their world.
There is a thin line between what can be said as a moral obligation,and slavery.In school we are made to sit in a class,with 60 odd students,and forced to take tests,and assignments.Is this slavery??.
We seek permission from parents to go for tours and the like...Is this slavery too??..
I can present a big list of similar situations.So what is slavery??.I don't have a precise answer,but I feel,as long as we believe that we are not bounded to 'chains',we are no slaves.A key point here is,it is subjective.Interference in personal issues by our parents can be disturbing to one,while not to another.
Humans are not instinctual creatures,and hence our actions are modified by the various norms in society.If we start acting out of instinct then there would be utter chaos,in this world.So being subjected to law,though to an extent is slavery,but is highly preferable.Too many arguments and counters can be given in this regard.I am rest assured that nothing will come up with an exact solution.
All i wish to say is,never be slave to things that are immaterial in our life.One should be able to set a threshold and be capable of demarcating between good and bad.After all we need to be slaves to our own mind,for surviving in this world.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

The 'little' party

There were numerous suggestions on the date for our farewell party and a conclusion seemed elusive.Finally,after weeks of speculation and parleys we decided on a date,20th June,2008.
The venue was Sindhoor palace,Kowdiar,TVM.
We invited all the teaching as well as the non teaching staff of the EC department and most of them had agreed to turn up..hmm...
A number counting session ensued and we were keeping our fingers crossed on maximum of 50 students.There were many who had not made up their mind.This really worried us.So we decided to collect a sum of Rs 210/- from each student,and we decided to hand over a souvenir to everyone who attended the function.A DVD that contained all the photos and videos that were taken during our entire stint in college.We made some frantic calls to some guys asking their confirmation for the event.When the number touched 40 we decided to go ahead;come whatever...
June 20,2008.
A sudden turn of events,reinvigorated our spirits.An educational bandh declared by the Kerala Students Union,was a blessing in disguise.The university exam slated for that day was postponed and as result many confirmed their participation.We were mighty relieved,and was looking forward to making this 'little' party,a memorable one.
By,5.30pm,almost all the students had gathered at the venue,and it was time for chit chats.A never ending photo session ensued,with some 'handsome' guys trying to 'muscle' their way into every photo that was clicked.
Everything seemed to be going according to script.But there was a problem.There was no sign of any teaching or non teaching staff we had invited for the function.We ringing up everyone and reminded them of the function.We were glad to know that many were on their way.Finally they arrived,and much to our dismay there were only five of them.Enough was enough and we moved into the hall.

It was time for speeches.The teachers spoke on the transformation that happened to our batch over the years in college.
Now,it was the turn of the students.The onus was on our 'class rep',who made a wonderful speech,and the good work was carried forward by my friend who spoke next.There were some guys who were suggesting,I should speak next.I was not prepared for any speech.My mind was full of numbers...How many??..How much??..I had to give in to the pressure,and i really don't remember what i blabbered.To quote my friend;"sandeepinte election pracharanam(campaign)".Perhaps the fact, that i was seen as the 'last samurai' of KSU,among my classmates coerced me into being a bit political.

It was time for food,and there was the routine chaos associated with any buffet,hosted for students.It was fun for us,but not for the guys who were serving food and desserts.The souvenir was distributed in haste and it was time for us to vacate the hall.I paid the bill(55 students attended) and it seemed a burden was off my shoulder,and heaved a sigh of relief.We bid goodbye to the teachers who attended the function,and all of us stayed on near the parking lot.I wondered;the people who had raised objections on hosting the party in the evening were staying,despite it being so late.Maybe i was missing a point.The 'numbers' perhaps made me 'numb'.There were many around me who were crying,many were at the verge of breaking down,and i realized a bit too late that it was the one last time we all would be together.There were many who were bidding farewell to the city,and i realized,college life had come to a culmination.'Stay in touch','all the best' ruled the roost during the latter phase of our 'little' party,and i returned home after ensuring that almost all of them had left for their homes.
I lay in my bed,with a heavy heart,pondering on how 'big',the 'little' party actually was.......

Back From Hibernation

Two months of exams has drained me out.I ve no topics to write on.Today marked the end of an illustrious four years in college.A well deserved break is in the offing,and perhaps i hope to blog more frequently than before.
If i start writing something now,all i would manage would be something on the exams,how tiring and disturbing they were..
So expect something new in few days time...
I ve lot of things to tell u...:-)

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Who is to blame???

Disclaimer: This is a highly sensitive article.If i offend anyone;i sincerely apologize.
I am not concerned about the literary value of the article.I just want to put forward a question to the readers and i want your sincere views,even if it offends me..

A strange event that happened during my routine visit to a temple really disturbed me.While praying i heard an argument between the 'poojari' & a devotee.I gave an ear to it,and i came to know that the 'poojari' was incidentally upset over the fact that the person had touched him.I heard the 'poojari' saying "ini njan Kshetra kulathil poyi kulikkanam"which means,"i need to take bath in the temple pond".I was shell shocked,and at that moment i felt such hatred towards the 'poojari'.Some weird thoughts came to my mind.If the 'poojari' can use the money used by the so called untouchables;can breath the same air as we all do etc...My mind was filled with such thoughts.

I returned home with a turbulent mind,and believe me,the 'poojari' was the person i hated most.I told my parents about it,and they were a not surprised to hear it.They came up with a plausible explanation."The 'poojari' only did what he was taught to do".Or in short he did his 'KARMA'.It was a mind boggling explanation,and i had no words to counter it.The storm in my mind blew away,and i felt sympathetic towards the 'poojari' who had to take a dip in the cold waters of the pond.

Who is to blame?.The 'poojari',the devotee or the system.I still don't know.All i know is that however developed our nation becomes people will still remain narrow minded.Caste,creed and all such social evils will compartmentalize our society.It will create different strata in society(to an extent political parties to play this card for electoral advantages.The implementation of OBC reservation in the higher education sector is a recent example.I believe reservation should be for the 'have nots',and not caste based).
I seek an answer from you,the reader.Please post your opinions as comments..

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Expect the Unexpected

There was a buzz in my class.I knew the reason,i stayed away.I had my reasons.....My rational mind was coercing me,but my devotion for 'them' prevented me.I didn't want to hurt 'them' in the course of an argument.I decided to take the plunge.Expect the unexpected..
Six months back my classmates were arranging for an 'Industrial Visit' as they put it.There was excitement in the air.Everybody was talking about it, being the last tour of college life.There were the usual arguments and debates on who should organize,where to go and the like.At times sparks flew(out of context).A consensus was reached.It was a 10 day trip to Hyderabad,Coorg...(rest of the places i don't recollect).The head count began,and there wasn't much takers for the proposal at first.The count was increasing slowly much to the anguish of the organizers.
My friends kept asking me whether i will be going for the tour. A times Silence is far more eloquent than a lecture.A convincing reason,they demanded.I needed time.I thought of some genuine lie,but i realized i needed to tell another set of lies to validate my initial lie.They argued, my insistence on not asking for permission from my parents was the major glitch.
I was feeling a whole lot uncomfortable to ask my parents for permission.I was forced into it..My parents never allowed my brother to go on tour,but he had the gift of the gab to convince them,and so he never missed them.I had witnessed the heated arguments,and at times i too chipped with suggestions.I had vehemently opposed, my brother going for tour. Was i genuinely interested in the tour,i wondered.I put some thought into it,but i couldn't convince myself.I was in a fix.Wouldn't it amount to double crossing if i ask for permission.I had no answer. 'I decided to take the plunge',despite all my inhibitions.

I approached my mother.Told her about it.Her reaction was the most unexpected one.She didn't raise any objection,and asked me to approach dad for final opinion.I presented the issue before my father,who gave a patient hearing.An abrupt 'no' was something i expected,but he took time to give his reasons as to why i will not be allowed.The reasons were not convincing,but still i didn't dare to argue.I was a bit upset at not being granted permission, still i don't know whether i wanted to go).A day later, i raised the issue again,to dad,the answer was the same.This time he gave me a new proposal.He suggested,i utilize the days of the tour to visit my aunt and cousin who lives in Delhi.The icing on the cake was that he offered me a flight ticket to Delhi.It was an offer i couldn't resist.Flying on a plane was a dream i had harnessed since childhood.I forgot all about tour,and agreed to this sumptuous proposal.My joy had no bounds.I cant put it in words.
I got my flight ticket that day afternoon..
My flight was scheduled for 26th September,at 12.30pm.Air Sahara,flight no..s2 147....

In life nothing goes as per plan,always expect the unexpected....

I boarded the flight

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Destiny Rulzzzzzz

While at school, i had heard of campus recruitments for engineering students.After joining college i had seen the numerous placement campaigns that took place ,and had also donned the role of a volunteer for some.My stint as a volunteer was very heart breaking.I had seen people who were on cloud nine & some who were totally depressed.I had seen the two extremes.I was never upset though; thinking of what was in stock for me,when placement commences for our batch..A testimony to that fact was that i did not attend any classes meant for Campus placements;when almost all of my classmates were doing so.I could never find a reason why i was not nervous about my future.The only logical explanation i can find is, i always believe in destiny.I had made up my mind to should attend maximum number of off campus placements to get a feel of how things are like,so that i can be prepared while attending placements in campus.
I came to know of shreds,an HR agency in Kerala who arranges for off campus placements. I registered & my friends to followed suit.So the first company on list for the 2008 batch was SIEMENS.The tests were to conducted on 10th march,2007,at UC college Aluva,Ernakulam District.So we decided to give it a shot.So there we were, 3 of us, boarding a Bus from TVM at 9.30pm(9th march) to EKM.The journey was comfortable,thanks to the help offered by the man at the Ticket counter who offered us the front seat in the bus.
March 10,2007...
We reached Ernakulam in the early hours of the morning.My brother who works at Ernakulam came to the bus stop and took us home.We had a small nap,and then we were getting ready for the journey ahead.We boarded a bus to Aluva and took an autorickshaw from Aluva,to the venue of the test.
We found a huge crowd of students coming from different parts of the state.I lost all my hopes on seeing such a big crowd there( though i did not have any great hopes).Anyway having ventured, i decided to give it a try.At the test venue we met some more of my classmates too.Now i felt at ease and we all stayed together for the rest of the day.
The first test got over and i did not attempt all the questions despite no negative marking being there.I realized how foolish i was,and felt a bit disturbed thinking i would not make it.We had to wait for the results for about an hour.We were fooling around waiting for the results.The results came and there was a huge rush to check it.I stayed away from the crowd ,and soon i found my friend coming to me and saying "u made it".I felt numb,it was something i never expected to happen.There were still two more tests before we were allowed to sit for the actual test conducted by SIEMENS.Six of my classmates had qualified,and we eventually made it to the Final Frontier.
The company officials did a pre placement talk and i was a bit nervous then,sitting in the front row.I was feeling sleepy,owing to the long journey.I got a new lease of life when i got the question paper in hand.I wrote the test,and i felt i had done it well,but i always believed there were better people than me there.So i did not keep any hopes.The officials let us know that results of that test would only be published by 8pm.
So after a long tiring day,both physically and mentally,i went back with my friends to their hotel room.After getting fresh, we vacated the room & took a bus to Ernakulam city,and we were wandering around the marine drive.We had planned we shall leave for TVM,if none of us make it for the interview.We were wandering on the road,and were having such a nice time,that the thoughts of the upcoming result never bothered us.It was 11pm.We were still on the road,and would have got free accommodation at the Police Station,had my father not called and arranged for an accommodation.We shifted to the room we got and still there was no sign of the result.I was half asleep,when the phone rang,it was my brother..He told i had made it for the interview.I was elated,and suddenly i realized i was in a fix.I had no apparel i could wear for the interview.My brother realized this and he journeyed back to Ernakulam from home(he had gone home,after sending me for the test).
March 11,2007..
My brother reached there by 6am in the morning and took me to his home.I was thrilled at the prospect of attending an interview of such a prestigious company.I was not at all nervous.I was and my brother dropped me at the Taj Hotel,the venue of the interview.I met numerous anxious candidates.I waited amongst them.I found many of them going through books.I felt a bit awkward sitting there with no books or so.I waited for my turn.My name was called and i walked into the room,with prayers in my mind.I made myself at ease and the interviewer eventually started quizzing me.I gave reasonably satisfying answers and he seemed pleased and asked me to wait outside for the HR interview.My mind chanted,just a stage to go.I felt as if i was living a dream.My HR interview went smoothly and now i was really having some hopes of making it..I started for Trivandrum by noon with my brother and reached here at night..
March 14,2007
I was getting worried as the result had not come out,and was eagerly waiting for it.I went to college as usual and then i got a call from a friend who told me the news i was waiting for those two days...I had made it...I cant perhaps describe how i felt then,using words..It was one of the happiest days of my life...What followed, was a series of treats for my friends...and then gradually life came back to normalcy,and i became more confident to attend the on campus placements...

NB:It was one of the most enjoyable experience i had,and the success i had, made it even more sweeter.No wonder do i remember every part of something that happened about a year back..I really believe destiny plays a major role in our life,and my experience is a testimony to the very fact..