Monday, August 4, 2008

Finally i answer the big question...!!!!

The debate over the motion of trust moved by the honorable Prime Minister,say some fiery debates and sharp exchanges.Democracy was for sale,and angels were born.Elected representatives with 'doubtful' credentials coming to the floor of the house with bundles of cash.No wonder CNN-IBN restrained from airing the 'cash for votes' tapes.My allegiance to a particular political party is well know among my friends.
The debate in parliament was on 'Nuclear Deal',and it was quite disdainful to see none except Rahul Gandhi speaking on the nuclear deal.Nuclear Deal had taken a back seat,and the opposition was using the chance to severly criticise the Government which had done a commendable job on the economic front.I dont intend to make a pro-govt lecture here.
Coming back to the debate,Heated exchanges and disruptions were ruling the roost in parliament until our Honourable Railway Minister,Lalooji,spoke.There were smiles in the air,despite him making scathing attack on the opposition.His sense of humour seemed to ease the parliamentarians,and one of his sentences still rings in my ears.,"even i wish to be PM"(cited while scoffing Mayawati,Mr.LK Advani).
Having being born and brought up in a family of hardcore Congress supporters,i always allegiance to the congress party.The inspirational leadership,and will power of Smt.Indira Gandhi always motivated me.My father used to talk about his meeting with Sanjay Gandhi,the historic speech in parliament made by CM Stephen while Indira Gandhi was jailed,and my mother had told about posing for a photograph with none other than Indira Gandhi(the copy of which, is in the possession of her friend).I had idolized them since my childhood days,and hence i still remain a loyal supporter of the party.
I had contested for college union elections twice and i keep my head held high when i say,i was defeated on both the occasions.I did what i was asked to do,from the party leadership.I had contested as the face saving candidate for my party and in that sense,i did my bit for my party.I have no remorse or repentence.I can't be a full time political activist,owing to multitude of reasons.I never contested for grabbing office.My speech as part of 'meet the candidate' was perhaps one of the greatest lows in my life.I was overawed by the support for the opposition,and it was heart breaking to see many of my friends booing me,and trying to put me off.Indeed my oratory skills on that day was way below par,and i still remember standing in front of a bullying crowd like an idiot.Despite that hiccup, and minimal campaigning ,I was delighted to see the number of votes i had received. Thanks to my dear voters,who voted on a losing cause.I had faced numerous scathing remarks from my friends for contesting a losing cause.I was threatened to withdraw from the election by the opposition camp,who threatened and then even offered me their party ticket in the next elections,"Ticket for withdrawal scam"....:D..If college union elections can see such forms of 'rigging',what could be the situation at the corridors of power.
Politics is a game and democracy in India is for sale,even at the grass root level.
This writeup is dedicated to my dear friends who keep asking me why i contested the elections....

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Quest for Glory

Having read numerous detective stories,and short stories,i had always longed to write a book.The question in hand is,short story or detective novel??..:D.After due consideration i thought of writing a crime thriller.So,how do i begin??..
The commercial success of similar novels,inspired me to create a character who solves the puzzles.Maybe i thought,i can write sequels and earn a fortune.I needed a name,something catchy like 'Hercule Poirot' or 'Sherlock Holmes'.I couldn't find any convincing name.The Ramu's, shyamu's,Ravi's etc were inhibiting my thought process.So i put on hold the name issue,and moved on.The next in line was a theme.Murder Mystery; unanimous choice.So one down,and many to go....
I needed a back drop for my story.Should i create something like a 'Malgudi',the indianness in me was becoming the true villian.I remained inconclusive.I had to create many characters and with them names.The journey was becoming more and more tricky.I had no solution to the issues that had cropped up and so i decided to put my quest on hold...Four years had gone by,and the tide hasn't turned ever since.A premature death to my quest for glory..