Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tharoor n IPL Saga

When Dr. Shashi Tharoor(ST) contested elections from Trivandrum, it was certain that he will win the elections purely because of his persona, and track record as a diplomat. I was proud enough to say, he was elected from my place.

The name of ST being a dark horse in the IPL auction, was reported by media many days before the auction. The bid secured by Kochi at a whopping 1500 crore surprised every single Keralite. I felt it was too much money for my state to handle. The media reports said, the bid was won by a consortium named 'Rendezvous', and "members of the consortium would be revealed in the subsequent days". I had the gut feeling, that something was fishy about this deal, and I told the same to my father, who was all praise for ST for bringing in IPL to Kerala.

ST is in the dock, and his forced resignation, has raised a storm in the cyber world. Support tharoor tweets, facebook communities etc, has left the cyber space buzzing with activity. Multitude of my friends, have commented, that "a person of ST's calibre is a misfit in politics". ST, a first time MP was fittingly rewarded with a Ministerial berth, owing to his immense talent, and his tenure has been rife with controversy. The Hon'ble PM,a PhD from Oxford, and the architect of India's economic leap,a man of proven credentials, has fitted into his role perfectly,be it managing the trouble some allies or the dissidence within his own party. He has carried himself with dignity, and has an impeccable track record. Even his detractor's voice find little resonance. The misfit propaganda, i feel, is hence uncalled for

The evidence against ST was overwhelming and the Government of India had to disown him. A tricky Parliament session is on, with cut motions etc in the offing, and ST is one controversy they could do away with. ST has the freedom to go the extra yard to prove his innocence, and fight his way back into the ministry.

As the Hon'ble PM subtly said "There are ups and downs in politics" , and now ST is going downhill. If he can prove his innocence, he would be a real hero for his sheer grit and determination, else, he will remain in the list of tainted politicians..Good Luck ST!!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Food For Thought

IPL - Indian Premier/Political League, has transformed cricket into a billion dollar entertainment industry. Good for them !!!

Many villages and cities in India are facing acute power crisis, and here you have in the name of IPL, power being lavishly consumed; be it flood lights at the stadiums or the millions of TV sets.
Spare a thought for the people who have hours of power cuts, in this scorching summer!!!.

PS: You might argue, they are paying tax to the government (debatable though!!), but my point is, Is it really needed? It just helps the rich to get richer. IPL has demoted cricket to a page3 item.