Saturday, May 29, 2010

Subtle emotions

The debacle at Siemens had strengthened my will power and determination. I was the master of my self. I knew when and where to draw the line. I had the notion carved into my mind, that I should only have professional relationships with my colleagues. Equidistant to everybody, that was the line. I might come across as selfish. I am being factual.

Somewhere over the last three months, I let off my guard. I have a healthy number of friends with whom, I can share my problems, personal and work related. I am becoming more and more dependent on them. I enjoy the time when we have tea together in the evening, where we take a real break from research and unwind. I am elated when they join me for my weekly temple visits, and stuff.

The story was very different few months back. I had the same personal problems (nothing serious though) then too. I used my logic to reason it out and solve the issues. My parents would lend an ear whenever something was not going great at work. I was happy in my little world too.

Why am I writing such a post?
Well there are a few reasons. A weird incident, with a couple of friends, who went for tea, without calling me. I felt really hurt and isolated. Made me wonder, How could I be hurt, by a trivial incident. I felt weird about myself, and left me pondering. I realized I was being dependent on people.Emotions had capsized my logical reasoning. A trend which I had vouched would never happen to me.

Then there is this girl, whom I had seen, a few times in department. I started developing a 'crush' for this girl. Well, this was the worst, that could happen to me. I despise the prospect of a crush, and falling head over heels in love with this girl or any other girl for that matter. I had vouched to go by my parent's discretion quite sometime back.

Serious introspection was required as to why this was happening to me. I realized, I had let the flood gates of my mind open to subtle emotions. I realize the subtle emotions, would make me weak at heart. There is no room for error. I have to conquer my emotions and let my rational mind take over.

Incidentally, while typing this post, the stark realization dawned upon me. I always have the option of reverting back to my previous self, in a diplomatic way, by not hurting my friends.

Dear Reader, if you find that I have gone nuts, do comment and inform me. I firmly believe in the notion, there has to be a reason for everything. Hence, I analyze and at times, when the number of variables are too large, I write it in my blog, so I can reference it at a later stage.

Total madness right !!!!..hehe..If you wanna offer help call @ 09619527371 ;)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Generation of Employment -- Part 2

I have categorized the implementation of the scheme into three sections
  • Generation of adequate manpower
  • Compilation of jobs
  • Allocation and Payment.
I am enlisting a few points (may not be in order), which I guess would be an appropriate means to implement the scheme.
  1. Creation of a website where jobs are posted. The job requirement is transferred to the local employment office(Government owned), who will allot the employees as per requirement.
  2. Creation of a local database of skilled work force. The database should include, personal as well as professional details. The data is uploaded by the local office, after authenticating the skill sets of the person.
  3. ITI's should be used as a means to generate adequate number of skilled work force.
  4. The concept of training should be extended into the traditional sectors like farming, weaving, coir manufacturing, and also to sectors like interior designing, fabric painting,embroidery etc.
  5. Private organizations can place a request for mass recruitment of workers.
  6. The employers make the payment at the local employment office, and the amount is redirected to the employees on a weekly/ regular basis.
I could sum this up in six points and it makes me wonder that I might have overlooked many aspects, to a successful implementation of the same. As pointed out in the comment section of Part 1, the project needs to be implemented at a smaller scale in a city or a panchayat.

I am looking forward to your comments and criticism, so that I can make amends before we think about taking it forward.