Thursday, March 13, 2008

Expect the Unexpected

There was a buzz in my class.I knew the reason,i stayed away.I had my reasons.....My rational mind was coercing me,but my devotion for 'them' prevented me.I didn't want to hurt 'them' in the course of an argument.I decided to take the plunge.Expect the unexpected..
Six months back my classmates were arranging for an 'Industrial Visit' as they put it.There was excitement in the air.Everybody was talking about it, being the last tour of college life.There were the usual arguments and debates on who should organize,where to go and the like.At times sparks flew(out of context).A consensus was reached.It was a 10 day trip to Hyderabad,Coorg...(rest of the places i don't recollect).The head count began,and there wasn't much takers for the proposal at first.The count was increasing slowly much to the anguish of the organizers.
My friends kept asking me whether i will be going for the tour. A times Silence is far more eloquent than a lecture.A convincing reason,they demanded.I needed time.I thought of some genuine lie,but i realized i needed to tell another set of lies to validate my initial lie.They argued, my insistence on not asking for permission from my parents was the major glitch.
I was feeling a whole lot uncomfortable to ask my parents for permission.I was forced into it..My parents never allowed my brother to go on tour,but he had the gift of the gab to convince them,and so he never missed them.I had witnessed the heated arguments,and at times i too chipped with suggestions.I had vehemently opposed, my brother going for tour. Was i genuinely interested in the tour,i wondered.I put some thought into it,but i couldn't convince myself.I was in a fix.Wouldn't it amount to double crossing if i ask for permission.I had no answer. 'I decided to take the plunge',despite all my inhibitions.

I approached my mother.Told her about it.Her reaction was the most unexpected one.She didn't raise any objection,and asked me to approach dad for final opinion.I presented the issue before my father,who gave a patient hearing.An abrupt 'no' was something i expected,but he took time to give his reasons as to why i will not be allowed.The reasons were not convincing,but still i didn't dare to argue.I was a bit upset at not being granted permission, still i don't know whether i wanted to go).A day later, i raised the issue again,to dad,the answer was the same.This time he gave me a new proposal.He suggested,i utilize the days of the tour to visit my aunt and cousin who lives in Delhi.The icing on the cake was that he offered me a flight ticket to Delhi.It was an offer i couldn't resist.Flying on a plane was a dream i had harnessed since childhood.I forgot all about tour,and agreed to this sumptuous proposal.My joy had no bounds.I cant put it in words.
I got my flight ticket that day afternoon..
My flight was scheduled for 26th September,at 12.30pm.Air Sahara,flight no..s2 147....

In life nothing goes as per plan,always expect the unexpected....

I boarded the flight