Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Who is to blame???

Disclaimer: This is a highly sensitive article.If i offend anyone;i sincerely apologize.
I am not concerned about the literary value of the article.I just want to put forward a question to the readers and i want your sincere views,even if it offends me..

A strange event that happened during my routine visit to a temple really disturbed me.While praying i heard an argument between the 'poojari' & a devotee.I gave an ear to it,and i came to know that the 'poojari' was incidentally upset over the fact that the person had touched him.I heard the 'poojari' saying "ini njan Kshetra kulathil poyi kulikkanam"which means,"i need to take bath in the temple pond".I was shell shocked,and at that moment i felt such hatred towards the 'poojari'.Some weird thoughts came to my mind.If the 'poojari' can use the money used by the so called untouchables;can breath the same air as we all do etc...My mind was filled with such thoughts.

I returned home with a turbulent mind,and believe me,the 'poojari' was the person i hated most.I told my parents about it,and they were a not surprised to hear it.They came up with a plausible explanation."The 'poojari' only did what he was taught to do".Or in short he did his 'KARMA'.It was a mind boggling explanation,and i had no words to counter it.The storm in my mind blew away,and i felt sympathetic towards the 'poojari' who had to take a dip in the cold waters of the pond.

Who is to blame?.The 'poojari',the devotee or the system.I still don't know.All i know is that however developed our nation becomes people will still remain narrow minded.Caste,creed and all such social evils will compartmentalize our society.It will create different strata in society(to an extent political parties to play this card for electoral advantages.The implementation of OBC reservation in the higher education sector is a recent example.I believe reservation should be for the 'have nots',and not caste based).
I seek an answer from you,the reader.Please post your opinions as comments..