Monday, December 10, 2007

Need to be positive in life...

Life can be very tricky and mine has been one.Life at times take you to glorious heights and then can take you down to ground zero in the next instant.My recent conversations with my friends have often ended up on a pessimistic note.Many are either very pessimistic by nature or sometimes situation makes them one.So i thought i should address this issue in my personal space.Not sure though how many will read it..

Life takes its course.We go through different challenges in life and it is not a certainty that we overcome all of them.It is even foolish to think so.I had many a troubled times in my life,there were even times when i felt really bad about myself,felt like i am good for nothing.The belief in god did make me realize that life is not always entertaining,there are bad times and good times would soon follow.There will be a purple patch in everybody's life.You have to wait for it and it would come for you.
There are occasions when one will have to face numerous failures.Instead of getting depressed one should try his best to find the positive that came out of it.If you keep thinking about the failures,you can't move forward in life.You will be engrossed by depression and this can lead to severe complications which most of you would know..

The key area that needs to be addressed is how you can stand tall at times of distress.Always realize that life is a mixture of good and bad times.A diffident guy would always feel that life is so gloomy and so distressing.Think about the good times yet to come and then you would realize that life is indeed colorful.Being a believer i would suggest that if u turn to God at times of distress and seek his guidance we would be able to overcome our trauma,and start thinking positively.Keeping in view of the atheist's around,i would suggest if not god they can turn to someone who they trust and tell him to offer help.There need be a guiding force in life and one needs to have someone there(Be it God,Ideologies,or some person,or your mind) .I have used the word mind,and it is with a purpose.Our mind can be our best companion provided we think positive else it can be really misleading.

So i would suggest that the best thing to do, is that you should not except too much from what you are doing,so that you are not overly disappointed when u cant make it and hence you would not start thinking negatively.You start feeling like you didn't have much hopes so no cause for concern and then you would naturally believe that you can make it next time with some improvements on it.

Since i am not a psychologist or philosopher,i cant really guarantee what i have written is applicable to all.At least it is true with regard to some of friends and myself.