Friday, September 17, 2010

Meeshu minus Meesha

A word on the title, for people who don't understand malayalam, Meesha means Mustache.
I had a whole lot of nicknames attributed to my moustache, over the last few years. My moustache always used to be a talking point among my friends. Some used to loath over the fact that I have one, and they don't. Others would say, I should try out various combinations of mustache and beard, and there was this doctor friend of mine, who went to the extent of commenting on the androgen levels in my body !!! The fact of the matter being, anyone on who knew me could easily attribute the thick mustache to identify me.

However, the point in contention is how i lost the mustache. My father always insisted that I should maintain my moustache. He always wanted me to trim it regularly, and keep it in check. After my midsem exams at IIT, I came to trivandrum for a couple of days. My father as always, told me to get a proper shave, a hair cut, and trim my mustache. I was too lazy to get the hair cut done, and trim the moustache, but did manage to shave my beard. Today morning, my father told that he ll help with the trimming, and asked me to bring a scissors. I gave him the scissor, and he started trimming my moustache. I knew there was some massive destruction going on, but I did not bother to look up in the mirror. Instead, I asked my mother,(who was not wearing her glasses) how it was? She responded with a nod, and my father kept working on it for another couple of minutes, and he told, it is done !!!

I walked to the mirror and found that, I was looking different. My moustache had been cut to size, and it resembled more like hitler's moustache. I guess that looked better. I walked to my mother and complained, and she told, she had not seen then.Father, seemed least bothered about the state of moustache, and was getting ready to leave for office. Having realized the grim state of my moustache, I decided to work on it on my own, I made some more modifications,and things went worse. In the meantime, I took a shower, and was preparing to leave for temple with my mother and brother. My brother, who was at sea as to what was going around, came downstairs,looked at me and started laughing. He issued a warning that,"if you want to come with me, you need to shave off your worse than hitler moustache". I became conscious of how bad the mustache was hence i decided to do away with the mustache, for the first time in my life :)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Back to Books and Exams !!!

After two months of sabbatical i return to the world of blogging. I had no other option but to take a break. The month of june and july was rife with interview and report submissions. I could find time to blog, but could not find the drive to blog. July was a memorable month, a month that reinstated my faith in the almighty, a month which could perhaps change my life for ever.

Yes, I am talking about the admission to the MTech program at IITB. My written test and interview went bad, but divine intervention, I secured admission for MTech. My long time friend and current roomie Prajith was with me while i was going through the trauma. My brash overconfidence could well be blamed for the fiasco. Let Bygones be gones, cliched right!!!

Moving on; my classes commenced on 22nd july. Four courses, I took, and I had made up my mind to do a PhD at IITB subsequent to my master's(after two years). Things moved on quietly, class after class, assignments, quizzes, and finally midsem!!! Midsem, exams were a shocker, with the exception of one. Every two hour spent writing the exam drained me completely, though the experience was enthralling. The mid sem exams made me realize,there were gaping holes in my preparation style. I decided, it was high time for a break, and here I am, in my hometown, for a short visit to revitalize and gear up for the end sems in November.