Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Destiny Rulzzzzzz

While at school, i had heard of campus recruitments for engineering students.After joining college i had seen the numerous placement campaigns that took place ,and had also donned the role of a volunteer for some.My stint as a volunteer was very heart breaking.I had seen people who were on cloud nine & some who were totally depressed.I had seen the two extremes.I was never upset though; thinking of what was in stock for me,when placement commences for our batch..A testimony to that fact was that i did not attend any classes meant for Campus placements;when almost all of my classmates were doing so.I could never find a reason why i was not nervous about my future.The only logical explanation i can find is, i always believe in destiny.I had made up my mind to should attend maximum number of off campus placements to get a feel of how things are like,so that i can be prepared while attending placements in campus.
I came to know of shreds,an HR agency in Kerala who arranges for off campus placements. I registered & my friends to followed suit.So the first company on list for the 2008 batch was SIEMENS.The tests were to conducted on 10th march,2007,at UC college Aluva,Ernakulam District.So we decided to give it a shot.So there we were, 3 of us, boarding a Bus from TVM at 9.30pm(9th march) to EKM.The journey was comfortable,thanks to the help offered by the man at the Ticket counter who offered us the front seat in the bus.
March 10,2007...
We reached Ernakulam in the early hours of the morning.My brother who works at Ernakulam came to the bus stop and took us home.We had a small nap,and then we were getting ready for the journey ahead.We boarded a bus to Aluva and took an autorickshaw from Aluva,to the venue of the test.
We found a huge crowd of students coming from different parts of the state.I lost all my hopes on seeing such a big crowd there( though i did not have any great hopes).Anyway having ventured, i decided to give it a try.At the test venue we met some more of my classmates too.Now i felt at ease and we all stayed together for the rest of the day.
The first test got over and i did not attempt all the questions despite no negative marking being there.I realized how foolish i was,and felt a bit disturbed thinking i would not make it.We had to wait for the results for about an hour.We were fooling around waiting for the results.The results came and there was a huge rush to check it.I stayed away from the crowd ,and soon i found my friend coming to me and saying "u made it".I felt numb,it was something i never expected to happen.There were still two more tests before we were allowed to sit for the actual test conducted by SIEMENS.Six of my classmates had qualified,and we eventually made it to the Final Frontier.
The company officials did a pre placement talk and i was a bit nervous then,sitting in the front row.I was feeling sleepy,owing to the long journey.I got a new lease of life when i got the question paper in hand.I wrote the test,and i felt i had done it well,but i always believed there were better people than me there.So i did not keep any hopes.The officials let us know that results of that test would only be published by 8pm.
So after a long tiring day,both physically and mentally,i went back with my friends to their hotel room.After getting fresh, we vacated the room & took a bus to Ernakulam city,and we were wandering around the marine drive.We had planned we shall leave for TVM,if none of us make it for the interview.We were wandering on the road,and were having such a nice time,that the thoughts of the upcoming result never bothered us.It was 11pm.We were still on the road,and would have got free accommodation at the Police Station,had my father not called and arranged for an accommodation.We shifted to the room we got and still there was no sign of the result.I was half asleep,when the phone rang,it was my brother..He told i had made it for the interview.I was elated,and suddenly i realized i was in a fix.I had no apparel i could wear for the interview.My brother realized this and he journeyed back to Ernakulam from home(he had gone home,after sending me for the test).
March 11,2007..
My brother reached there by 6am in the morning and took me to his home.I was thrilled at the prospect of attending an interview of such a prestigious company.I was not at all nervous.I was and my brother dropped me at the Taj Hotel,the venue of the interview.I met numerous anxious candidates.I waited amongst them.I found many of them going through books.I felt a bit awkward sitting there with no books or so.I waited for my turn.My name was called and i walked into the room,with prayers in my mind.I made myself at ease and the interviewer eventually started quizzing me.I gave reasonably satisfying answers and he seemed pleased and asked me to wait outside for the HR interview.My mind chanted,just a stage to go.I felt as if i was living a dream.My HR interview went smoothly and now i was really having some hopes of making it..I started for Trivandrum by noon with my brother and reached here at night..
March 14,2007
I was getting worried as the result had not come out,and was eagerly waiting for it.I went to college as usual and then i got a call from a friend who told me the news i was waiting for those two days...I had made it...I cant perhaps describe how i felt then,using words..It was one of the happiest days of my life...What followed, was a series of treats for my friends...and then gradually life came back to normalcy,and i became more confident to attend the on campus placements...

NB:It was one of the most enjoyable experience i had,and the success i had, made it even more sweeter.No wonder do i remember every part of something that happened about a year back..I really believe destiny plays a major role in our life,and my experience is a testimony to the very fact..