Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Lost Love

Famous Five,Nancy Drew,Hardy Boys....these were the names that thrilled me while i was a kid.I used read over a hundred books a year,until i reached the tenth standard.No one ever tried restricting me until then.Maybe tenth std had its due importance 'then'.My parents enforced a tough restrictions on my reading habits.I was forced to spend more time on tuition's and text books.I really missed those thrilling adventure stories,and was gradually moving into the scientific world.The tenth std board exams went by,i did reasonably well and the results too were satisfactory from my point of view.
Things got worse in 11th and 12th std.It was those never ending days of tuition's,test papers,assignments and what not.Reading a book(i graduated to Agatha Cristie's,& Alistair Maclean's), an absolute luxury for me.I never had time for any,except on vacations.So i was slowly transforming from a voracious reader to a part time reader.
The story was no different,after i joined engineering college.There was a marked difference here.Time was at my disposal,but i believe i had lost the drive to read more.I was spending more time in front of the TV.I wondered whether i had lost my love for books.I was worried,and so was my parents.Things took a paradigm shift last year.I had made a trip to Delhi,and there i found some wonderful collection of books.Angels & Demons,by Dan Brown,The Harry Potter series got me started,and there was no looking back.Books were gradually becoming my companion.I had found my lost love......