Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Time for a Revamp??

This is an excerpt from the letter I have sent to an uncle of mine, who is a senate member at Kerala University. I need you to comment on it, raise your opinion on the same. Put in your thoughts for revamping the system.
Hello Uncle,

I am currently at IITB and my stint here has left me pondering on the flaws in the system back home in Kerala. I would like to bring to your notice two very important facets of the students across various Universities in India(Kerala being an exception)

1) The students across universities like Mumbai,Pune etc have the provision of 3 month internships at various places of their choice

2) Our syllabus is more focused on giving tidbits of information on a plethora of subjects, and hence the fundamentals are often compromised for. My syllabus for engineering covered such a wide range of topics, ranging from electronics and communication systems. I can't claim expertise on either.

This is not just a one off opinion, I guess many students would vouch for the same.

I think the time is ripe for fine tuning the technical education system in Kerala.Changing the syllabus every five years will do no good. Our syllabus doesn't even incorporate the latest trends in the field of technology like nanoelectronics etc while many private universities are offering dual degree programs on the same.

I can suggest some valid points on the same. Most of the companies spend huge chunks of cash for training the new recruits. A plausible alternative could be,the recruit should be given a 3 month internship with the company,which could double as a training as well as an academic requirement.

Being a senate member at the Kerala University, I believe you can take up this cause and go for a wider discussion regarding the same in the senate."

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Swine Flu!!!

There has been too much talk regarding this over the last few days. The media frenzy on one side, and the indiscriminate comments from the Union Health Minister fueling the tension in the air. Lot has been talked about. Websites, and media trying to rope in on the chaos to earn extra bucks.,the mask dealers selling the masks at exorbitant rates, exemplifies the commercialization of calamities.

The rate at which the disease is spreading is indeed alarming. Instead of insisting on basic first aid, the Government should enact some law, that prohibits mass assembly of people. An air borne disease is impossible to control, until you eliminate the chances of contamination. It is my best guess that government is trying their very best to downplay this, in order to eliminate mass panic. (As I type this, I can hear people coughing!!!). The efforts of the government is undermined by the media, who has done a great deal to spread mass panic. I could see many people wearing face masks and covering their face with handkerchief, not to mention that it doesn't help, but in creates more insecurity to the people around.

One interesting fact is, more people die of hunger, cardiac arrest, dengue fever, malaria etc. Neither the media, nor the government's around the world has taken concerted measures to tackle these. I have downplayed the rapid emergence of health clubs over the last few years. Since it is the lower class who is at the receiving end, the media too is not bothered. This neglected lot have no voices, and the deaths do not even get reported.

An alarming trend is emerging in this modern world. The profit or long term benefits is what keeps one going. The misfortune of one is a route to another man's fortune. The medical industry has been thriving on this for sometime. There are unreported incidents of hospitals, performing needless operations on patients to thwart money. One can't blame the doctor for it. If he doesn't achieve his "business" target, he will be fired. Am I being a socialist? Yes, I maybe one, but I am not a communist. I have started believing in collaborative growth. A process wherein the standard of living is improved for all. A marginal improvement would mean a lot to the needy and hungry.

Flu or no flu, I hope the media and the government realizes that many people lose their lives owing to the hunger, malaria etc. The idea of a collaborative growth should take the center stage in this modern world. There has to be a sea change in our attitude. Think over it. Be an agent of change!!!

I don't know whether any flu virus has gone into my body. I despise going to hospitals.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

"We are not Friends, We are known by an institution"

Much needed revival for my dwindling creativity. Thanks to my buddy's gtalk status message. Weekend's in Mumbai has been a harrowing experience. Spending the weekends in the confines of the walls of your hostel room made it worse. Last week was an exception. I called upon my schoolmates to come over to IIT campus. Sandeep Mathew Jolly, Bimal, Varun and Kiran; they came and we went to various parts of mumbai including the 'hot spot', Bandra-Worli sea link. I don't intend to elaborate on this weekend experience, but on certain subtleties that cropped during our chit chat sessions.
  • "It is always a heartening experience, spending time with Loyolites", said Jolly.
Yes, It was indeed one hell of an experience.This brings me back to the point in contention, are we known by our institution? Are we not friends?
Loyola was the heaven that brought as all together. The emotional bonding between loyolites is so deep rooted that we never think of as friends, but 'Loyolite'. Any Loyolite can vouch for this fact. No matter how far we are, We always bear the same affection we had during our school days. A trivial word like friend can never summarize this association.
  • "It has been quite sometime since we ran", said Kiran
Yes he was right. I guess maybe way back in school. A stark deviation from the title. Kiran, Jolly and Varun started running along the worli sea face, stating this reason. Lazy as always, me and Bimal waited and watched the scene. A stark realization of the fact that our childhood days are up. Of course, they were gasping for breath and hence we got three bottles of Mineral Water, and one bottle of Gatorade, and took rest for 15 minutes. It makes me wonder, are we losing the never ending battle with time.
  • Sitting at Nariman Point facing the sea, we were talking about investments, career goals and stuff.
Our chitchats have outgrown those days of trivialities (were they????) to more serious issues like investments, career prospects and future. Don't conclude that we are a group of gay morons!!!.

It was indeed a memorable day in my life, and perhaps the best weekend I had. Of course, the day ended on a bad note for me. I couldn't get down at my station, owing to the crowded train even at 11pm on a Sunday. Had to shell out 50Rs to the rickshaw walla to take me back to campus.

We have decided to meet at least once a month. Muhahahaha!!!!!!!!!