Friday, February 18, 2011

The much needed boost

I had this grand plan of making at least one entry per month in this blog. However, I was not able to live up to my own expectations. I was busy could be the easiest answer I can offer to convince myself. The fact remains something else. I had my semester break in december, and hence was absolutely jobless. I spent the one month break, traveling for almost two weeks with friends and family, and rest of the time in campus was spent on mindless movie watching and chatting over For people who are guessing what is, it is a stranger chat website.

Classes resumed in January, and initial two weeks was fun. Less work, less course load etc, and I had ample time to write. However, I could not. I was not falling into the groove. However as days progressed, things started getting hectic, and I was no longer in the frame of mind to write a blog post.

I have my next mid semester exams starting in three days. Today, I was motivated by my friend and colleague Karthick Murukesan, who was appreciating my style of writing, and was inquiring why am I not writing anymore. His compliment was a much needed boost for me. I am going through a bad patch, and his words had the much needed positive vibes associated with it. My heartfelt thanks to Karthick for telling me those words. It was a much needed boost to my confidence, which was dipping with each passing day.

Looking forward to writing more often. Thanks for reading the post. Cya Soon.