Thursday, March 18, 2010

Generation of Employment

A job is every man's dream. The dreams may take different shapes across individuals. Ours is a country blessed with a potent human resource, and it is ironical that we end up contributing to the benefit of some foreign investor. For the government, it means more people are employed, reducing their woes. A brief analysis of the trends, is all it takes to understand that we really lack a mechanism for generation of jobs within the country. From the late 70's onwards people were going to west Asia in search of jobs, and the trends still continues. Does it indicate that we have failed to create job opportunities in India?

I beg to differ. Since the IT revolution, it has not been difficult for the educated lot to find a job after graduation within India. The scenario is different in case of a casual laborer, who toils to make both ends met. In this write up I intend to propose a mechanism that may offer a casual laborer employment for most part of the year.

Where will the jobs come from?

Too many households, require skilled people for range of jobs from painting to house keeping. There is dearth of talent, and even if we find some one, he would be occupied with other jobs. The requirements/ job specs can be put up in a government/private owned online portal or employment exchange like organization.

The Government, should ensure that only people with proper skill sets is registered with them.This can be implemented through a certification program run by ITI's. Government can provide facilities for skill set enhancement, which can manifold the availability of skilled task force. The onus is on the Government to ensure the steady supply of talent, and servicing the requirements.

Who will pay?

The employer will pay to the Government who will in turn pay the employee. The minimum working hours would be set forth by the Government. This channel can eliminate wage disputes, and exploitation of the employee.

How will it Benefit the society?

We will have a highly skilled task force, which is instrumental for the progress of the nation. Employment opportunities would in turn improve the standard of living of the downtrodden masses, and hence poverty can be uplifted to some extent.

Such a scheme, if incorporated into the NREGA, can benefit more people.

Dear Reader, you may find so many anomalies with the proposed mechanism. Point them out in the comments section. We shall debate over this, and finally reach some productive conclusion.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

A New Beginning

I blog with the intention of making my blog a personal diary. I have spoken about various events that shaped my thought process, as well helped me grow as an individual.

Coming straight to the topic in contention. I wanted my blog to be a place where I could scribble my craziest ideas too, and hence I named it 'myvisions' in 2007. Looking back, I find the blog has served its purpose of a personal diary, but the idea column looks empty. I am planning to dedicate a few articles in that direction.

Over the past few months, I am haunted by an idea, which I believe, if implemented can lead to the betterment of society. I had shared the idea to many people who too echoed the same, but commented on the need of an action plan. I too knew of the lack of clarity of my idea. I have been thinking about it for some days now. I thought the best way to induce more clarity of thought would be by writing it down on a sheet of paper. I thought it would be better off if I could make a blog entry with each idea, so that I could discuss with the readers of the blog, and give my idea a perfect shape, and eventually come up with an action plan.

I hope, my dear readers would actively take part and make my endeavor a successful one.

The first article, which would come up in the next few days would talk about a new scheme, on the lines of the National Employment Guarantee scheme.

Looking forward to your wholehearted supported and criticism.