Monday, December 10, 2007

Need to be positive in life...

Life can be very tricky and mine has been one.Life at times take you to glorious heights and then can take you down to ground zero in the next instant.My recent conversations with my friends have often ended up on a pessimistic note.Many are either very pessimistic by nature or sometimes situation makes them one.So i thought i should address this issue in my personal space.Not sure though how many will read it..

Life takes its course.We go through different challenges in life and it is not a certainty that we overcome all of them.It is even foolish to think so.I had many a troubled times in my life,there were even times when i felt really bad about myself,felt like i am good for nothing.The belief in god did make me realize that life is not always entertaining,there are bad times and good times would soon follow.There will be a purple patch in everybody's life.You have to wait for it and it would come for you.
There are occasions when one will have to face numerous failures.Instead of getting depressed one should try his best to find the positive that came out of it.If you keep thinking about the failures,you can't move forward in life.You will be engrossed by depression and this can lead to severe complications which most of you would know..

The key area that needs to be addressed is how you can stand tall at times of distress.Always realize that life is a mixture of good and bad times.A diffident guy would always feel that life is so gloomy and so distressing.Think about the good times yet to come and then you would realize that life is indeed colorful.Being a believer i would suggest that if u turn to God at times of distress and seek his guidance we would be able to overcome our trauma,and start thinking positively.Keeping in view of the atheist's around,i would suggest if not god they can turn to someone who they trust and tell him to offer help.There need be a guiding force in life and one needs to have someone there(Be it God,Ideologies,or some person,or your mind) .I have used the word mind,and it is with a purpose.Our mind can be our best companion provided we think positive else it can be really misleading.

So i would suggest that the best thing to do, is that you should not except too much from what you are doing,so that you are not overly disappointed when u cant make it and hence you would not start thinking negatively.You start feeling like you didn't have much hopes so no cause for concern and then you would naturally believe that you can make it next time with some improvements on it.

Since i am not a psychologist or philosopher,i cant really guarantee what i have written is applicable to all.At least it is true with regard to some of friends and myself.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

My tryst with 'ubuntu'

On a fine Saturday morning in October,i decide i should give a break to "Windows XP".My decision was not something out of the air.It had strong reasons.The formation of The "Free Software Cell(FSF)" in college opened my eyes to the promising world of free softwares.Free softwares were the talk of the town(college...).Being extremely choosy when it comes to doing anything with the computer,i had turned a deaf ear to LINUX all these years.There was one guy in class,who for the past year was canvassing us on the power of "Ubuntu".I had turned a deaf ear to his words,for the reason cited above.
The new found excitement about 'linux' ,in college instilled a strong desire to try out Ubuntu.Still wonder why i took that decision...:)
I woke up early that dreaded day,downloaded Ubuntu from some source i dont remember,burned it into a CD.Everything went smoothly up to that point.I had some personal issues to deal with and finishing all those,i returned back to the computer by about afternoon.
I put the CD in and i was thrilled on seeing the starting page.I started installing it.There were many hurdles to face with.I went on until, i had to allocate memory to install "ubuntu".There started my problems.
I called my friend('a pro in linux'),who asked me to be careful about it,and advised me not to allocate the space where "Windows was already installed".Fate had it, i allocated that very "dreaded space".Without knowing what i had done.I continued with the installation.To my absolute despair,the installation stopped at 82%..'dreaded CD'....I got nuts,so restarted the computer,and to my utter dismay,my screen read"Bootloader missing".It was then i realised my big mistake.I tried installing Linux again but the failed.
So i thought of formatting my hard disk,and reinstall Windows.I took my hard disk to my friend's house,with the hope of recovering the data from the hard disk and then Format it..
Think i was having the best time in my life.
My friend connected the Hard Disk, to his system...
I smelled something burning,and in no time i saw smoke coming from my hard disk.My friend was in a state of shock.I was totally shattered.Cursing myself i took the hard disk to the service center.They accepted the Hard disk woth much reluctance,and finally after some lecture on Guarantee and stuff,they agreed and promised to repair it in 20 days time..
20 days seemed too much of a pain.Finally i got my Hard Disk back.And here i am telling the tale to u..
Now if at all i feel like using ubuntu,i use the live cd,and it is a sheer delight using 'ubuntu' .
So beware,never get careless while doing things that are important...:)

PS:-I am in no way making derogatory remarks against ubuntu or Windows.

Walk Down Memory Lane

Those words……Those words…..kept ringing in my ears, as if it was some kind of an alarm bell…..An informal talk in class by our HOD on the responsibilities of senior students, eventually ended up sending waves of panic across us.He had summarized the discussion with those carefully construed words….”Your Days as a privileged senior student is numbered” …..
No wonder it sent shockwaves in our minds. Truth always has a hint of harshness with it. No matter how hard we try to run away from it, will follow us with ease. The fact of the matter had really evoked my thoughts. I started wondering three years had passed and in one year’s time I will have to bid adieu to my dear friends.
October 4th, 2004, my first day in college. I walked into this college with my parents and I met many anxious faces, off which many eventually became my classmates. I had two of my schoolmates in my class, and hence I did not suffer for the lack of company in the initial phases. I still remember how our class representative (‘Rep’ettan) was elected. A well engineered plan by my dear friend, who had quite unwittingly tricked our ‘Rep’ettan into a position of responsibility. He still shoulders that burden in convincing fashion.
During those initial phases I could hear many of my fellow mates complaining on the disdainful bit of infrastructure in our college. There were still many who repented on the decision to join this college. Some used to talk about the college being not so popular despite being well inside the city. The lunch breaks during those first year days were a bit of a nightmare owing to the fair bit of ragging, but the seniors never crossed the limits. So months went by, we all got used to the college and surroundings. The complaining voices had subdued, and a strong bondage was gradually growing among us. Then it was the time for exams, and I could see everyone going about studying. So I too followed suit took to my books, and did a reasonable job in the exams.
Finally we had “graduated” to second year and then things were going smoothly, for me until the union elections. I was coerced into contesting the elections by someone who was a close friend of my brother (who had apparently studied here), and I could not convince him to leave me alone. Elections were fought in nice spirit, and as expected I lost the elections. I need to mete out a special word of praise for the leaders of both parties for maintaining a peaceful environment in college. Ever since I joined this college there were no clashes on the basis of politics, or any matter to that extent.
Time flew by and exams were taking their due course and somehow I kept managing them. There were many moments like the Onam celebrations, the fresher’s day, arts festival, where we got together as class and did our part. There were the odd fights in class, which never snowballed into a ‘Big fight’(I am extremely happy to have not been part of any fight, but had often dawned the role of a mediator). The tour is that one thing I had always missed and I had some very personal reasons for doing so, and my classmates were never convinced by those reasons and I was always “tortured” for it.
Then came the big moment, our placement season had begun. Many were caught off guard (including myself), and some were upto it by going for CRT classes. A dozen of us (me too) from our classes had ventured to Ernakulam to attend the ‘Siemens’ placement campaign, and I still remember the time we had at ‘Marine drive’, awaiting the results of the test. That was perhaps my last visit to ‘Shreds’ because placements had already commenced in our college. Many including myself were recruited by wipro, there were faces of delight. It was disheartening to see the depressed faces of those who did not make it. Many companies are yet to come. I hope all my classmates would be placed by the time we “pass out” of college.
All good things must come to an end. To summarize my entire college days till date in one or two pages is an Herculean task, and so I have left out many memorable moments. Recalling all the ‘good things’ that has happened to me after I joined the college, I have every right to say that “College life is indeed an exciting phase in life”. The numerous friends I made, the time I spent with them are all moments that I will cherish a long time. Missing my dear friends would be an ordeal I need to cope with. It is inevitable though……………. To quote Winston Churchill
“Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing has happened”.