Saturday, February 21, 2009

Preview of my Book

February 5th,2009


Time:  2.05pm

There was pin drop silence in the conference room. He looked around him. There were faces of gloom, some were sobbing, some looked pale, and some had a smile on their face. He was smiling but deep down he was bleeding at heart. He felt as if he was pushed into an illimitable crater. Couple of minutes back he was smiling and was spreading smiles. He tried to recollect the sequence of events in the last couple of minutes.

“We are Separating”, said the senior manager.  Those words blew the winds out of them. They were powerful enough to restructure the careers of 150 of them. The manager elucidated on the impact of recession and the global meltdown on the company. He looked around him. He saw faces of horror, eyes were all red, some were crying while some looked shocked beyond disbelief. He felt it was the most harrowing experience he has ever had till date. He could hear his breath rising. He was dying to get out of the conference room.

The management had made their point and the baton was passed onto them to pose queries. There was a huge hue and cry. He heard one of his friend, asking “Can't you retain us with half of our existing pay?”  Smiles spread on the faces of those tattered souls. Someone else said. “Are there any chances of a recall?” He heard the management countering most of the queries with an emphatic 'NO'. The session eventually turned out to be a mere formality with the management winning over the employees.  Now, it was the time for instructions. They gave precise instructions on what needs to be done with their Identity cards and the like, and graciously left the room. 

For the complete article await the completion of the book I am writing. What I have posted here is the first page of  the book. Sorry to arouse the curiosity. After all that is how people sell products. 

The Book deals mainly about relationships and friendships. It will certainly be an enthralling experience. I plan to release the book in about two months. Looking forward to that proud moment. Signing off for now.