Monday, June 11, 2012

Contrasting Times

Contrasting times :

This year, being on the other side of the globe, I had my longest birthday. I can perhaps, say, it was one of the lousiest too. I missed talking to my parents,bro, aunt, cousin, grandma and all on my birthday. I missed being among my friends, and spent the whole day travelling from Austin to Albany via New York. 

This birthday was indeed one, where I realised the value of the people around me. My last two birthdays were memorable, thanks to my friends and relatives. I realised that I got used to people, and never realised their importance in my life. I am thankful to god, that I did not have to go through an arduous path to come to this realisation. 

Thank you all, my dear friends for being there whenever I needed you to be there.

With lots of love,

Sandeep S S

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