Sunday, May 6, 2012

Poetic Sojourn

I had decided to take a sabbatical from writing about personal experiences. I wanted to try out short stories and poems. However, my last post (apparently a short story, a pure work of fiction) drew lot of flak from my friends. It seemed too slow and lacked the personal touch. However, I decided to continue experimenting with new writing styles. My passion for writing was reinvigorated two weeks back while rummaging through chapters on phonons and Boltzmann transport equation. This time I placed my money on poems.Back in school, poems seemed so veiled and profound, as one could easily write a three page essay on 8 lines of a poem. I sometimes wonder, whether the poet actually meant so, or where we just cooking up a story?

Poem it was, and I tried jotting down the first word that came to my mind, it was 'peace'. Maybe the influence of reading too many articles on maoists and war, or maybe I was searching for inner peace, I know not. The next few words followed "was all he craved for". I took a pause and wondered, where I was headed. With a deep sigh, I wrote down the next two lines:
"plunging into the abyss of work,
the devils were kept at bay"

It has been two weeks now, and I tried adding to those lines. I wrote, rewrote but nothing seemed to fit the bill, and I knew that the poem ought to be scrapped. Looking back at those three lines, I knew, I could write an exhaustive essay on it. Poems are indeed profound, and I would need to go a long way before I actually write one beautiful poem. Until then I would keep writing and rewriting those verses.


Abhijeet Kshirsagar said...

Start with a concept or a feeling for a poem....and words will follow...

The King said...

Sathyam.. writing poems is a really job..