Saturday, August 24, 2013

IITBNF Day - Testimonial Speech

I felt good, when Prof Anil asked me whether I could give a 2.5 mins testimonial on how my journey at IITBNF has been over the last four years. Without any hesitation, I said Yes. Here is the full text of the speech, which was delivered on 23-8-2013.

"My association with IITBNF started four years back, in June 2009. The last four years have been rewarding as a student, as every day in lab is a learning experience. IITBNF gave me the right platform to learn not only through experiments but also through discussion with peers. Not only did I learn the basic research methodology but was also introduced into the world of purchase orders, quotations, tender specifications and so on, which I am most certain would auger well for my future.
What stands out for me is the freedom given to a student to innovate and go ahead with experiments that may at times not be directly connected to the research topic. I believe such level of flexibility is hard to come by and I would like thank all the faculty members associated with IITBNF for giving this free hand to students. There have been many occasions, when I had to open up equipments and troubleshoot it with the help of staff members. The thrill of getting a tool up and running is fulfilling, and has left me contended. When I tell my mother about these exploits in lab, she tells me that she should probably warn the faculty members before they entrust me with any equipment, for she has a collection of radios and time pieces which i had damaged beyond repair in my pursuit to learn how it works.
For me, the lab has been a home away from home. The staff in lab has been very supportive and has always been there for me round the clock. I could spend a considerable amount of time with them during the course of which, I learned more about gas cylinders, regulators, vacuum pumps etc. My last four years in lab would not have been so productive in terms of learning had it not been for the relentless support of the staff in the lab. 
Over the last four years, I have witnessed a major transition in terms of streamlining the day to day functioning of the lab.  The efforts put in by all the faculty members and the HOD in this regard is commendable and I should thank them for making the lab operations more professional and user friendly.  Gone are those days of walking into the lab and booking a slot on a note book, after talking to the operator, gone are those days of having to wait for a slot for weeks. The changes are too many to enlist in a 2.5 mins speech. I most certainly believe the lab is moving in the right direction and almost every lab user would vouch for the same as well.
Before I wind up, I would like to highlight a conversation, I had with Prof. Nitin Samarth of Penn State. After I had given him a lab tour, he remarked, the students here are not only doing state of the art research but also are well trained in equipment handling and troubleshooting. He said, such level of competency is hard to come by in US. It was a casual statement, but made me realize how lucky I am for being able to be part of such a world class facility.

Thank you !!! "

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